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Can variations in these functions be observed according to the field or era? Which processes govern the canonization of one commentary over another? Do self-commentaries follow fundamentally different criteria? Can we pinpoint particular features in the thought of an author in his own practice of commentary and the function which he intends his commentaries to play? These research questions are based on the results of the Mellon Sawyer Seminar, they do not cover all the aspects of the commentary relations between texts.

We hope your contributions will enrich this fascinating research field. Keynote speakers: Walid A. The proceedings of this symposium will be published in MIDEO , the journal of the Institute, after acceptance by the peer committee.

To register, please send an email at the following address: gro. Registration is free of fees. Deadline for application: September 30, We will select between six and ten papers. The conference will take place at Bayt al-Sinnari on January, 14, 15 and 16, This project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Egypt.

The ideas expressed do not reflect the views of the European Union. To this day, 32 issues have been published. Reprint: , Librairie du Liban Beirut, Lebanon. Reprint: , Peeters Leuven, Belgium. Electronic edition on Revues. Mailing address: gro. References and bibliography Brown, Jonathan A. Practical information: To register, please send an email at the following address: gro. Beaurecueil , Serge de. Anawati , Georges C. Notices et extraits Jomier , Jacques. Jomier , Jacques. Nouvelles culturelles Anawati , Georges C.

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