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I know I first heard and quickly joined in at either several Rainbow Gatherings and Dead shows in the mid to late 80's. Of all the chants I learned at the formentioned events, this one I can call on with no hesitance at any moment. It brings me much peace. I sing it while swinging on swings; alone at times of deep introspection and being. It is like a breath. To meet someone else who can join in chant at chance occasion, would be terrifically flowing.

Hello, Love this song, chant, or whatever it is called. We do a variation on it where at the end we sing I will never forget you I will never forsake you I will never forget you I will always love you I think of it as a song that God is singing to all of us and it brings me peace. Thanks for sharing it here.

I was standing apart from the group talking to an older Native American guy who was just curious and watching. I felt a bit apart until someone grabbed me and pulled me into the circle. Then you couldn't help but feel the power of the oneness of the group. I learned this chant, and many others, at Sufi yoga ,Dance, song, meditation group for children in the 's when i was 9 years old.

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I recall one night at seneca, just me and the lightening bugs in the total darkness- i hear one voice singing, "Listen, listen,listen I responded "To my heart song Well I must admit I don't recall who the other voice was- but I sure do love her. I first heard this just last year at The Unitarian Universalist Sr. It blew me away again singing it last night at the exact same event. I'll never forget it.

Originally released in Belgium in , the various mixes of the song reached U. The song was released in the U. By June , the song reached number one on Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart and the top ten of the Billboard Hot chart, peaking at number eight in August. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Dutch Top Single Top Top 40 Singles. Polskie Radio in Polish. Retrieved 18 February Singles Top Swiss Singles Chart. Official Charts Company.

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Lee Kyu Han Main Cast. Hwang Jung Eum Main Cast.

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