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Through a detailed study of the international engagement with Darfur, I suggest that the latter two arguments have merit but need to be adjusted. I argue that the humanitarian intervention norm has changed in two subtle ways. First, while the strength of the norm itself has not changed, the credibility of the United States and U. I am grateful to Nick Wheeler for bringing this to my attention. The lower figure is extrapolated from an MSF survey and the upper one from a U. State Department report. It is widely recognized that after an initial respite, the humanitarian situation has actually deteriorated despite AMIS.

Wheeler , Nicholas J. I am grateful to Nick Wheeler for suggesting this. See Bellamy , Alex J. See Wheeler , , Saving Strangers , p. It should be noted that the Non-Aligned Movement itself did not achieve a consensus on this position. For a definitive list of these operations up to February , see tables 1 and 2 in Bellamy , Alex J. See Wheeler, Saving Strangers, p. Lang , Jr.

And Liberia? And Afghanistan? It is also worth noting that the humanitarian argument was not raised in the Security Council's formal proceedings. Oxford : Oxford University Press , , p.

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Igiri and Princeton N. Kroc Institute, Notre Dame, Ind. Price , and Mark , W. Zacher , , eds. I am grateful to Paul Williams for bringing this to my attention. I am grateful to Sara Davies for bringing this to my attention. Edition, October 1, ; available at news. China has important oil interests in Sudan. Wheeler, Paul D. Williams, Ramesh Thakur, the two anonymous reviewers, and especially Sara Davies for their help and advice on this article.

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Login Alert. Log in. Aa Aa. Cited by 52 Cited by. Crossref Citations. This article has been cited by the following publications. This list is generated based on data provided by CrossRef. Bellamy, Alex J.

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Journal of Military Ethics, Vol. Foreign Policy Analysis, Vol. Badescu, Cristina G. Pattison, James Cottey, Andrew Beyond humanitarian intervention: the new politics of peacekeeping and intervention. Contemporary Politics, Vol. At this point, the article shifts its focus to statements made in the chapel sermon by Rick Patrick. This is somewhat of a red-herring. You see, Patrick has left out a lot of our history here. Personally, I have been in several SBC churches that have been deacon-led instead of deacon-served.

I think that congregational church polity is a good thing. But that is a blog post for another time. This is where the discussion really centers.

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On how God saves his People. Scripture is quite clear that God has a purpose for his election of sinners. The Father elected the sinners, the Son died for their redemption, and the Holy Spirit applied to their hearts bringing them to faith. Whether Patterson, Patrick, et.

I have seen the effects of being drunk through the deaths of friends and family. Jesus drank and served wine at the Last Supper. Paul urged Timothy to have a little wine for his stomach. Being drunk is a sin, but drinking is not. This creates an entire class of non-baptized Baptists, and this is prevalent especially among our Calvinistic churches, as they receive Presbyterians, for example, into their membership. John Calvin, in his Institutes, also stated that immersion was the proper mode.

The KJV is trustworthy, but can it be inerrant?

Martin Luther would say the same thing. They, however, would also say that the mode of baptism is less important and should not be the focus. As for myself, I would say that if someone is joining a Baptist Church they should be immersed. At the very minimum, if someone has not been baptized since they were able to assent to the Gospel, believe with their heart, and confess with their mouth their repentance and trust in Christ i.

I would still urge that they be immersed — this would not be to say they are saved because of immersion but would be a statement similar to that of Paul having Timothy circumcised. Here, Patrick again uses a shotgun approach. Regarding the altar call, this is somewhat of a hot topic. Finney also stated the following about the anxious seat:. In the days of the apostles baptism answered this purpose. The Gospel was preached to the people, and then all those who were willing to be on the side of Christ were called on to be baptized. It held the precise place that the anxious seat does now, as a public manifestation of a determination to be a Christian.

Friends, this is dangerous. The altar call has its uses, but it is not a replacement for baptism. The altar call only has a brief place in the history of the church. But the SBC altar call is not that. It is a far cry from that. This is a wonderful question to ask. The reforming of beliefs will always come with a reforming of practice in some way. This is not a bad thing.

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Perhaps we have some modern practices that should be reformed. Being a traditionalist for the sake of tradition is unhealthy. I hope that I have opened up some type of dialog.