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The subject of immediate popular acclaim, the image was widely reproduced in postcard, print, curio and miniature form. Although James Earle Fraser who also designed the famed Indian Buffalo Nickel hoped his masterpiece would be cast in bronze and placed on Presidio Point overlooking San Francisco Bay, material restrictions during the First World War made the project impossible. Instead, in , the city of Visalia, California, obtained the discarded statue and placed it in Mooney Park, where it remained, in a gradually deteriorating condition, for 48 years.

In , when James Earle Fraser completed his model of the End of the Trail, American civilization stretched from shore to shore. Most Euro-Americans believed the frontier period was over and that such progress was inevitable. Many viewed Native Americans as part of the past, a vanishing race with no place in the twentieth century. Popular literature portrayed Indian people as "savages," noble or otherwise. Fraser's The End of the Trail reflects this legacy: By the s, Native Americans knew their trail had become steep and rocky, but they believed it would continue.

Confined mostly to reservations and ravaged by disease and starvation, the Indian population declined dramatically. Indian children were forced to attend federally supported boarding schools that attempted to replace traditional tribal values with American culture. Although denied citizenship and a voice in determining their future until , Indian people persisted.

Modern warriors enlisted in the armed forces, while other Indian men and women moved to urban areas to work in defense industries. Increased cultural pride following the war led many Indian people to seek employment and other opportunities in the non-Indian world.

Others supported themselves within the old reservation communities. Today almost half of all Native Americans live in major metropolitan areas. From a low of approximately , in , Native American population in the United States now numbers slightly over two million. Modern Indian people have combined the best of traditional tribal values with the opportunities afforded by contemporary American society. Although some Native Americans still follow the time-honored ways of their ancestors, others have assumed prominent roles within society in education, politics, business, medicine and agriculture.

The sense of an instantaneous stop was created by showing the horse's back legs airborne, as well as the mane, tail and the brave's ponytails rushing forward. The rider's body appears slightly forward of the normal riding position, indicating that the act has begun. It may not be twice the price given shipping and import costs, bringing the price to within a couple bucks might be enough. GeekAnimator - for a really thorough explanation, see here warning, Geocities.

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CDs are extremely expensive in Japan, to the point where it's cheaper for a Japanese person to import an album from America or Europe. Japanese labels and publishers will therefore try to add something extra to the Japanese version to discourage people from going that route. I don't think they can.

There are laws in Japan regulating prices for things like books and CDs. Selling them below the mandated price is illegal.

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  • It does nothing to enhance competitiveness. Not only are you reducing competition between different retail outlets, but you also make your domestic products less competitive against foreign products, thus the imports. Stability, perhaps, but whoever wrote that either doesn't know the meaning of "competitiveness" or is deliberately doublespeaking. No, it shifts the competition to what kind of additional value the retailers can provide. If it's the same price at your store as it is everywhere else, then why should I buy it at your store?

    Do you have a better atmosphere?

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    Friendlier or more knowledgeable staff? Will I have to stand in line to check out?

    Nightcore - Dakara Boku wa Ongaku o Yameta 「 Yorushika - Amatsuki 」

    What else can I purchase while I'm there? Personally, I'm way more interested in THAT kind of stuff being the winning strategies to succeed in that kind of market. It's similar to what grocery stores do here in America, it's wasteful, and it's why more people are going to no-frills, low-cost places. You say that but since a significant amount of people in Japan import anyway it seems the trade-off isn't worth it to many. Bottom line is for most shopping you go to the place that sells you what you need at the lowest price. Price floors should really only be used in emergencies to be honest.

    What's the problem with allowing stores to compete by lowering prices to generate business this like macroeconomics If you've ever bought a Japanese CD you'll find they have many incentives designed to win purchases.

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    AKB48 and its sister groups have a minimum of 4 versions of each single. Each single contains the main track as well as minimum 1 b-side. Consider now there might be a fan club edition with a special track, a special Family Mart alternate cover, a bonus track only available from the version bought from mu-mo shop etc and each single ranges in price from JPY to JPY. Collectors will buy them, most fans will just buy the "most complete" version and casual fans will rent it so there is an obvious motivation to release as many versions as possible.

    It protects mom and pop stores from big retailers. This prevents a big chain retailer from undercutting small stores until they're forced to go out of business, only to bump prices back up now that they have no competition. That's a whole other thing, though. It a very important difference. But if the price is fixed to a lowest price, isn't the consumer loosing out on further possible discounts?

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    It makes sense to regulate pricing on necessities. These regulations are different, because they are designed to protect the consumer from artificially high prices or gouging. I think it's absurd to regulate luxury items in the opposite direction because it only pushes them further out of reach of the lower classes. Free markets aren't all evil. We can leverage them to our advantage. Firstly, digital and illegal downloading isn't really a thing in Japan.

    Many of the big publishers have not made their catalogs available on digital services. Japanese media companies actually succeeded at what made American media companies into villains: So Japanese have no way to get their favorite music except from physical media. Secondly, music publishers participate in price-fixing.

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    The price for the music is printed right on the packaging, and you don't have big stores trying to sell at a discount e. Best Buy, Wal mart , because they would lose the business of the publishers. Lastly, the market is inflated with special editions.

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    A big part of Japan's music sales comes from obsessive fans of boy bands and idol groups and such that have to buy every single version of a CD single that comes out. So you end up with prices that are high because of lack of competition and high demand. Sure - they often sell blank CDs 15 years ago it was minidiscs right there near the checkout counter.

    This seems like the logical answer. I used to rip everything Netflix sent me back when they mailed DVDs instead of the streaming thing. I really wish VAP would put their signed bands on Spotify. I've always wondered why they haven't.